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TESTIMONIALS from women having experienced a Skogsrå Coat

I feel stylish and unique wearing the coat. Still, the story behind the creation of the coat enriches the experience. I feel like I'm wearing a talisman, a reminder of the inner strength and creative forces I have to transcend the challenges of life.

And, like the myth of Skogsrået, empowered and wizened by life’s secret lessons, surviving, creating and thriving while cloaked in the beautiful COAT of Love.


D. King, Amsterdam, Netherlands

When I slipped into ‘Purple Mountain
Majesty’ (yes I named ‘my' coat) I felt like a super hero. Like I could have easily scaled the side of a building, done a neat little tightrope walk over the power lines & then open my coat and float like a feather down to the sidewalk. So much of woman’s fashion is geared towards making you look good. Maud’s creation makes you feel good & that is the genesis of everything. And a Maya Angelou quote across the back puts the whole affair into the stratosphere.


T. Radigan (VickiKristinaBarcelona Band), New York, USA

the coat floats

and wraps herself around you, empowering


in her weightlessness.

she glamorously connects you, finds you,


then let’s you go.

free to move on.

A. Homi, New York, USA

Empowered women empowering women

The most amazing and comfortable coat I’ve tried!
And the materials...

And the story behind the coat...

And the woman behind the project....

The sad part was undressing it.

C.Pessoa, Coimbra, Portugal

To protect and to be protected.
Wearing this coat made me feel like what ever is being thrown at me I can handle it. Soft yet strong. A mild power but still very much power! The coat made me a protector, a powerful shield to all bad things.


E. Englund, Uppsala, Sweden

Like the sky. Like the sea.

The red power inside.

It feels like I'm lifted, floating, flying high above the city.

I laugh. I am strong. Cocky. I can bite. Beautiful.

It warms me. I can crawl into it.

I'm hiding.

It protects.

I dance. It dances with me.

H. Kaller, Uppsala, Sweden

One step at a time.
Let's make a difference.

In this creation I feel like a queen. Like a blue ocean it envelops me, from the high neck and wide waistband down to the hem of the coat whose lining is lighter blue than the sky. But the creation is something more than just a coat, it is a story about the forest nymph Skogsrået through a zipper in the back. Each forest nymph has its own story, each coat is unique and beautiful, just like us. Also in the back there is a zipper that brings out the playful, a tail is attached to the coat that awakens another world within you.

You can decide for yourself whether you want it in the front or not, whether it should wrap around an arm or be in the coat's protective skirt. When the coat is placed over the shoulders, the strength of the forest nymph is felt, a work of art that is a piece of clothing and a story, the destinies intertwined come alive in Maud's creations.


H. Andersson Stockholm, Sweden

Wearing the cape, after having read the background story to the collection, I could identify myself with Skogsrået (if the theory is true or not does not really matter to the powerful intention of the artwork). In this version of Skogsrået, she makes it "her thing", she owns the banishment, she plays with it, she has survived and now she is free, independent and possesses a whole new power, perhaps even a magical one.


So I could really feel the embrace that the artist intended, I felt empowered, sensual, playful and maybe a bit sly. She owns her fate and she owns her sexuality. Playful accessories and details to show or hide. The back zipper, with the possibility to open or close was like a spiritual vagina (personal interpretation) which was extra healing to me as a transwoman.


*As a transwoman, and a pretty daring and explorative one and a sex-positive person, I could relate strongly to the shaming and feelings of being marked portrayed in Lyttkens' book.

Fear and shame still do sooo much unnecessary damage in our society. Related to what is happening in the world right now when it comes to the attitude toward transwomen, I feel lucky to be here in Sweden. With the spreading of rumors, are people going to believe the word of the outcast's or the accusator's? The artwork is a powerful inspiration to stay strong.


There was yet a surprise in the design of this particular model. I felt it had noble vibes, with it's color combination and brilliantly cut lines, and we had castle-like backgrounds. I felt honored to get to wear this advanced version of Skogsrået's cape, a very cleverly made far-abstraction. This was the cape of a high-status woman, with her roots still in the wild Skogsrå. I felt like an empowered Disney-princess! So in the end I want to say that this is a remarkably multidimensional artwork!


R. Sawicka, Uppsala, Sweden

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