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Photocred: Martin Lima de Faria

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My name is Maud Karlsson Lima de Faria. I am Swedish and I have worked mostly as a contemporary dancer in Sweden and in New York. Still working as a performer I have also branched out and  continuously develop other artistic expressions and today I am fortunate enough to be able to create exhibitions, performances, artistic concepts and events with a base in Sweden and Portugal.


I am the founder of the concept Her Story – The Collections which is part of HER STORY - a larger body of work addressing women’s history and female stories with a multitude of artistic expressions. In so many ways, I want to stand with women and both be empowered by, as well as being able to empower, other women. We are all intertwined. We all share experineces being women. We all can make a positive impact, small or large. My ambition is to make a difference with my work and Her Story - The Collections is one of many ways.

Skogsrå is a collection of coats based on a thousand year old Swedish medieval myth. Skogsrå is a certain forest nymph in the Swedish mythology.
The pattern is from an evening gown from the 1930’s New York which I found in 1984 during  the period when I lived there. The main materials used are upcycled blankets in order not to stress our environment more than necessary.

This semi-couture collection offers unique and carefully tailor-made coats allowing you to express your individuality, style and care of our world. Due to the creative use of upcycled materials, no two coats in the world are alike. Each one is unique and has its own story to tell.  You can truly let yourself be embraced by a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Apart from the stylish upcycled blankets in wool, treated with the utmost care to ensure cleanliness, the coats are lined in new and high quality fabric with silkscreen prints, embroidered pockets and knitted tails for fun accessoires.

All made in small-scale workshops with a hand-picked team.

 I would humbly suggest to say: This is wearable art!

My deepest intention with this concept is to create a circular movement, therefore a percentage of each sold coat goes to empowering another woman. To learn more about how you empower another woman by purchasing a Skogsrå coat, please click

To read more about my other work, please visit


To read more about the background of the concept of the Skogsrå collection, click here!
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